It all began with a genuine love for music, providing clients with the basic sound system and deejay service along with providing a tent for small gatherings. After having performed and covered many small-scale events, it became the realisation that Antigua lacked the much-needed equipment and service of an Event management company. It was, therefore, the brainchild of three, ambitious, determined young men, namely Jamale and Hamish Pringle and Marlon Francis to arm themselves with the pertinent organisational, accounting and enterprising skills needed to take the bold step of expanding their small-scale operation. As a result of their forward-thinking, they created what is now one of the most recognized event management company on the island, Wadadli Event Services (WES), a company capable of transforming your imaginations into realizations.

Although they continued to offer musical entertainment, the WES team, up the ante as they realised that the industry was heavily saturated. In addition to the changing economic climate, they quickly realised the need for increased creativity with possible expansion if they were to stay abreast of their competition.

Today, this event planning and management company offers clients a “one-stop” shop where every event from a backyard gathering, corporate dinner, church function or large scale concert can be supplied with the most simple or elaborate equipment or service. For any function, clients have at their disposal the rental of chairs, tables, linens, tableware, tents, stage, lighting and sound equipment. In addition to equipment rental, catering, decorating, musical entertainment, video services and event management are also available.

Over the years, you may have seen their many tents, stages, tables and linens around the island at various events such as the Antigua Fishing Tournament, Wadadli Day, Antigua Sailing Week and the Staycation Street Fair just to name a few. Their services have also enhanced many a corporate event in the business and service industry serving companies such as Bryson’s Insurance, Bank of Nova Scotia, ACB Bank, The Pink Mongoose, Sandals Grande, Jumby Bay Resort, Hermitage Hotel and many government functions. School graduations, Fashion Shows, church functions and many other intimate family functions held throughout the island are no stranger to our clientele.

With the increasing number of pre-Carnival fetes been organised, and realising the evolution of events in Antigua, adding the service of a stage with the option of a truss roof is another innovative investment which has since serviced many events throughout the island. The intricate apparatus has since become the backdrop of many events such as Heelz, PURE, Red Eye, and the more recent event Stage and JamZone which featured regional and international soca artistes. To date, the company offers the largest stage at 60ftx40ft, complete with truss roofing to accommodate its size thereby allowing adequate covering. Thinking that this would be too large for your event, or don’t know what size of equipment suits your needs? Not a problem, as we accommodate stages from as small as 8ft along with accompanying 10ft tents. Our efficient and knowledgeable team is more than welcome to offer you recommendations suited to your needs.

With their ongoing passion in the pursuit of excellence, along with offering great service to customers, they decided to once again broaden their spectrum to include becoming the promoters of two of their own fetes-ALOHA and FLAGS – which continue to gather momentum, cementing their place as two of the top pre-carnival fetes. This provides WES with an outlet not only to showcase their creative abilities but to also exhibit their products and services, as the crowd is seen as potential clientele.

Whilst relying on their networking skills to enhance events around the island, its often necessary to sub-contract various other service providers, for lighting, decorating and security services. In so doing, WES creates employment for many outside their immediate employment and ensures that at the end of the day their business is of benefit to not only their clientele but the society as a whole.

Staying abreast of the competition, however, has taken on a business spin, where crucial alliances are formed all in the greater scope of providing clients with the best service possible. Gaining the respect of their more established colleagues, and the trust of the public to place their memories in their hands, they bring quality products and atop notch service to the forefront to all their contracts.

Continuing to promote quality services, Wadadli Event Services is committed to providing clients with the equipment, services, and innovative thinking necessary to make their “imaginations come alive.”

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